WB15 “For Russia with (Gay) Love” Images

It wasn’t long before the room was flooding with supporters this past Sunday October 27th at Wrecking Ball 15: “For Russia with (Gay) Love.” Hosted by Buddies in Bad Times and Presented in solidarity with Zee Zee Theatre’s “NYET! A Cabaret of Concerned Canadians” the evening was a great success and featured a “smashing” list of politically engaged wrecking “ballers” both on and off stage.

Performances included:

Vladimir the Beautiful
Written by Sonja Mills
Directed by Moynan King
Featuring Aurora Browne, Carolyn Taylor & Clinton Walker
An Excerpt from : The Gay Heritage Project
by Damien Atkins, Paul Dunn & Andrew Kushnir
Hurdy Gurdy
Written by Shawn Mcdonald
Directed by Steven Bush
Featuring Stewart Arnott, Costa Tovernisky & Giles Hodge
Written by Daniel MacIvor,
Directed by Sue Miner
Featuring Evan Guy
An Excerpt from : The Femme Playlist
Written & Performed by Catherine Hernandez
Gay People, Da, da, da!
Written by Marcus Youssef
Directed by Esther Jun
Featuring Gavin Crawford

Putin Comes With Cheese & Gravy
Written by Dave Deveau
Directed by Erica Kopyto
Featuring Marjorie Chan & Lisa Truong

Before the night all got underway – Wrecking Ball Team member Nathan Caroll and performer Yury Ruzhyev sat down with ROYNATION – hear the interview here.

And Wrecking Ball Artist Catherine Hernandez got in touch with Johnnie Walker at Xtra :

While it’s inspiring to see people speak out against Russia, there are a lot of other countries with terrible LGBT-related human rights problems. Why has what’s happening in Russia ignited such a passionate outcry?

History is written by the victor. The story of “what matters” internationally is written by those who have the privilege to write that story. It also takes an international community whose racism filters out stories of Black, people of colour and Indigenous communities who have been suffering the same atrocities for years. Who do you think the world will care about? Images of the brutalities in Uganda while activists wage war against its Anti-Gay Bill, or images of white activists in Russia? When I perform at The Wrecking Ball, I will be standing by queers around the world, not just Russia.”

Read the full interview here.

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